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Pegazus Transzfer

The requirements of travelling

The aim of Pegazus Transfer

1. The Pegazus Transfer says that it has all official licence to the personal transfering and it has fullfilled the requirements what have been written in the law. The exercise of Pegazus Transfer is to transfer passengers by bus which do not travel according to the timetable. The destinations are mainly the following: Budapest Ferihegy Airport, Bécs Schwechat Airport, Pozsony Airport and so on. The price has been appointed previously and valid according to the current pricelist.

2. The travelling contract is valid from that point when the passenger and his/her representative orders the services according to the offer of Pegazus Transfer and this order is accepted by Pegazus Transfer, the passenger pays the fare and knows the responsibility of payment or banking transfer during the transportation. Order conformation can be always made by Pegazus Transfer.

The way of payment

3. The fare can be paid in the next ways:

- According to an agreement to the driver on the vehicle.

- According to an agreement by banking transfer after the journey.

- At the Partner office payment by cash.

Without any agreement the whole amount must be paid before 48 hours of travelling. If it is not fullfilled, the Pegazus Transfer has right to leave in abeyance the service. Furthermore the client must accept if he/she doesn’t pay in Forint instead of any foreign currency like EUR, GBP… he/she must pay the banking cost as well which is the result of the exchange. This amount is accounted by Pegazus Transfer for the clients.

The ordering

4. We can accept the order in the following places and forms:

- via our partner offices - on our website (here you can find an ordering form what you can fill in)

- in e-mail (

- on telephone (+36 62 202 203, +36 30 988 6633)

- on fax (06 62 268 357)

In every case we confirm the order. If the client is not informed the punctual time of the departure before the day of travelling at 19 o’clock in sms or email, in this case call us immediatly on our telephone number to talk about further details.

5. The clients always have to give the following datas to the successful ordering: the name, the email address, the phone number, the address of the departure and arrival, the date of travelling, the punctual time of arrival and departure of the flight, the destination, the flight number, the amount of package and other futher questions.

6. The clients always have to write in the order if extra luggage has to be counted. The passenger has right to bring beside the handbag 1 luggage which has normal size and the weight is maximum 20 kg. If they want to take more luggage, they have to pay extra cost also. Not regular luggage is the baby buggy which is free, others can be based on our separate agreement.

7. The order conformation is valid after the time of arriving of the order.


8. The modification of the order can be possible before 72 hours of the beginning of travelling if it does not come up against previous accepted orderings. If the modification is not compatible with other order in this case the Pegazus Transfer has right not to accept it, but it does not mean more cost for the passengers.

9. The cancellation of the order is free before 72 hours of the beginning of the travelling.

10. If the agreed time is changed, the ordering person must inform the office about it earlier than 24 hours. In this case the order can be changed but the passenger accepts that it can be possible that the Pegazus Tansfer can do the travelling different time from the previous agreed time.

11. The Pegazus Transfer or the Partner Company have to agree with the ordering people about the time of the travelling and the cost in advance. The passenger has to give the telephone number.

12. The Pegazus Transfer has right to change the time of departure but in this case the office has to call the passenger before the day of travelling.

13. If the travelling is not complished because of a reason what the company causes, the Pegazus Transfer pays the cost back but the refund can not be higher than the fare.

14. The current pricelist does not contain those prices which are based on that fare what are counted from different distances than the previous given places. The Pegazus Transfer agrees about it to the passengers in advance.

15. At the departure it can be 15 minutes delay. It depends on the numbers of the picking-up service addresses.

16. The Pegazus Transfer has other freighters who can do the delivery but the requirements are the same.

17. The Pegazus Transfer is not responsible against the passengers if the travelling is delayed by external causes like vis major, war, terrorism, external intervention, strike, desease, natural catastrophe. (399 par in civil code) If the fullfill of the contract is not possible, the Pegazus Transfer has to make everything carefully for the passengers.

Time of travelling, waiting

18. The Pegazus Transfer does everything that the passengers reach the destination in safe and on time. The length of travelling depends on the conditions of weather, road and traffic.

19. The time of travelling depends on the road conditions as well. For example in winter it can take ½ or 1 hour longer than usual. The time can be appointed according to these conditions.

20. The Pegazus Transfer is not responsible for the delay what the following events can cause and the office can not influance. These are the next: closed roads because of accident, bad condition of the roads because of weather.

21. The Pegazus Transfer informs the passengers in advance where the vehicle waits for them at the arrival.

22. The Pegazus Transfer has the right in special cases to change the waiting time. It can be longer if there are more passengers from different flights than usual.

23. It can occur that those passengers whose flight delays have to wait longer than previous has mentioned. The waiting time can be more hours in the peak and last term, but it can be 2 hours at normal flight and maximum 40 minutes at business flight. It contains the delay of the previous flight what can cause further delay also. If the transfer is VIP there is not waiting time because of other passengers.

24. If the flight is in late the vehicle waits not longer than the previous agreed time in peak and last term, more than 2 hours at normal flight, more than 40 minutes at business flight. If the late is longer, the Pegazus Transfer has the right to refuse the refund asking. If the vehicle does not wait longer, in this case the lated passenger is informed about the next departure of the vehicle.

25. The safe of the luggage is the responsible of the passengers.

26. If the passenger causes expenses/damages in the bus during the journey, the passenger has to count financial responsibility.

27. In the vehicle it is banned to transfer dangerous materials like inflammable, corrosive, toxic, radioactive material, gun, sticking-, cutting tool, public policy affecting subject which can be dangerous for other passengers or can destroy, pollute the vehicle as well.

28. If the passenger is drunk or uses drug, has infection or other illness or has dirty clothes, luggage, may be excluded.

29. During the service if the Pegazus Transfer causes any mistakes the office has to fullfill the refund asking of passengers.

30. The service can be used if the upper mentioned requirements are ready. The order is valid when the passenger signs the order or sends it back in email. In this case the passenger accepts automatically the conditions of travelling. If the order person orders the service for more people and he/she signs the contract it is valid for other passengers/people too.


31. The travelling conditions of Pegazus Transfer is valid from 2nd July 2010 to retraction. Date: 1st July 2010


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